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It's not as pretty as that other gram site, and it's not as social (DM me on twitter to comment, for now, I guess, and if you want to 'like' a photo, smile at your screen) but it's all mine.

  • two people wearing t-shirts that read "Nebraska Family Alliance is a Hate Group"


  • 3 items made of polymer clay: two swirly things that are pink, blue, and white, and a Nebraska cutout with hearts in the colors and arrangement of the trans pride flag


  • a person with faded blue hair and red rimmed is looking to the side. they're wearing earrings with a heart in trans flag colors on them


  • a painted pink rollerskate with jade blue trim


  • four pairs of satiny-looking heart shaped earrings made of polymer clay


  • a circle of polymer clay showing a white house with red trim with two green trees in the background


  • a greeting card with a white-splattered blue watercolor background, and an orange circle with a green snowflake cut out of paper on top


  • a variety of clay shapes, like 2 blue snowflakes, a snowflake and a circle with pastel colored overlapping circles, a slice of pizza, a christmas tree, and a blue starbucks-style coffee cup


  • 5 clay Clippy figures, 3 large and 2 small


  • three candy canes made of clay, two with big goofy smiles attached. and one cut out of nebraska that is rainbow hearts on a black background


  • a watercolor of a rainbow-scaled fish like from some children's book


  • two cards with a watercolor flower on each


  • a water color painting of a gray cat labeled "Soul Patch: A Brave Boy"


  • a hand holding a small yellow polymer clay duck (like a rubber duck)


  • two pairs of purple galaxy-ish earrings, with swirling colors in shades of purple blue and pink. one pair is circles on top and half ovals below, another is ovals on top and upside down Us below


  • a pair of earrings that are vaguely cow-print, but pink. there's an oval on top of each and a hexagon hanging below


  • three watercolor potted plants


  • a collage of various cutout images. one of toilet paper, one of hand sanitizer, and several that say "Angel Medallion is Coming, It's Blessed. DO NOT SHRED"


  • a grid of raised Nebraska shapes on a solid blue background. rows are alternating light blue and purple


  • 2 pairs of pink Nebraska-shaped earrings, with a yellow heart on the Lincoln spot


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