This page is a work-in-progress. I'm experimenting with using Sanity CMS to host images that appear here.

It's not as pretty as that other gram site, and it's not as social (DM me on twitter to comment, for now, I guess, and if you want to 'like' a photo, smile at your screen) but it's all mine.

  • 5 alien figures from the game Among Us, in different colors, hang from a necklace chain


  • a pair of earrings with three stacked hearts, pink, purple and dark blue


  • a piece of white paper with multicolored phrases littered across it in multiple directions, with phrases like "I WILL" and "YES" and "I'll get right on that"


  • a graph of a wave going above and below the X axis. the peaks read "overwhelmed- too much activism" and "so stresed" and the valleys read "I'm not doing enough" and "I'm a bad activist"


  • a ceramic tile with a pink clay unicorn and 4 tiny clay face masks with red hearts on them. two of the face masks have tiny smiles


  • a hand holding a ceramic tile with a variety of mini succulent figurines on it


  • a square of crochet in various shades of blue, and a small crocheted heart


    The first thing I successfully crocheted

  • a green clay ball with a small grey stone-looking path and house, and trees with pink tops as well as evergreens, rests on a hand


  • a zig-zag striped pastel crocheted baby blanket


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