I have been thinking for a long time that it would be nice to have a script that would easily scaffold out the frontmatter for a new post on my blog (aka this site). I thought I'd need to write a node script or something, and so haven't done it.

But, I realized there is a much simpler way to do this in my code editor of choice, VS Code: Snippets!

In the command palette (cmd + shift + p), I selected "Configure User Snippets", then created a new global snippets file scoped to the workspace. That creates a file in the .vscode folder where my snippet will go. This is rather handy; if I commit that file in git as part of my website, the nice snippet I am making will follow me to any new machines where I am working on this site in VS Code, without extra configuration.

Here is what I put in my snippet:

"add post frontmatter": {
"prefix": "frontmatter",
"scope": "plaintext,markdown,html",
"body": [
"layout: post",
"tags: ['posts']",
"description: ''",
"description": "Add frontmatter for new post"

Note that 'html' is the VS Code language identfier that is used in my current setup when I'm working in a Nunjucks or Liquid file.

Now when I have created a new file to add a new post to, I can start typing frontmatter and then tell the editor to autocomplete, which fills out a nice new frontmatter entry that I can fill in.

If I haven't saved the file yet, I'll get something like Untitled-1 as the title; if I have, I'll get the file slug instead. I'll get today's date, and a placeholder for the description and tags I might want to add, as well as the tag I need for all my posts in the blog section.


layout: post
title: ssg-frontmatter-template
tags: ['posts']
description: ''
date: 2024-01-13

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Marijke Luttekes Marijke Luttekes

@cassey Thank you!I should have spent more time reading the Snippets documentation. I use them often but missed the part when you can use variable replacement, it's amazing! source

keith kurson keith kurson

@cassey Ohhh i bet there are so many good uses for snippets that id never considered them for! source

Cory Dransfeldt :prami: Cory Dransfeldt :prami:

@cassey love this! Definitely going to set it up. source

Stephanie Eckles Stephanie Eckles

@cassey Nice! In case it helps, I also created this little plugin that helps re-enforce "types" for your frontmatter per collection type (ex. blog vs. page), but I really like the snippet idea, too!... source

Cassey Lottman Cassey Lottman

@cferdinandi nothing built in! source

Chris Ferdinandi ⚓️ Chris Ferdinandi ⚓️

@cassey Does 11ty not have something like Hugos' archetypes? https://gohugo.io/content-management/archetypes/ Archetypes source

Christopher Kennedy-Nuñez Christopher Kennedy-Nuñez

@cassey this is magic, Cassey! source

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