See also: my cheat sheet/personal FAQ when working with static site generators.

Here are some shortcuts or short snippets I often find myself searching for. Expect this page to be updated over time as I think of more useful snippets or shortcuts!

# A regex to find all trailing whitespace & tabs in a file

[ \t]+$

# Open the character viewer on Mac to type an emoji

Control + Command + Space, or fn + E

fn+E works if you type a word first and want to match the emoji to that. Then hit return/enter to make it go.

# Minitest Assertion Order

To save myself opening the Mintest Style Guide and squinting at the answer there:

In Minitest, we assert_equal expected, actual

# Mysql + Rails stuff

mysql -h -u root -p db_name
This lets me connect to a dev db locally, without going through Rails.

bin/rails db -p
This gives me a sql console that is in Rails.

mysql -h -u root -p db_name < query.sql > next_query.sql
This runs the stuff in query.sql and pipes the output to next_query.sql.

Run some SQL in a Rails console without going into a special console.

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