I made a zine on how to host your own community event. Here it is.

You can download a PDF of this zine and fold it. Print as many as you want & do what you want with them, but please don't take my name off the front.

the front of a small zine on white paper, which reads 'Host your own community event', by Cassey Lottman the left page of a zine reads: Did you know anyone, even you, can just decide to host a community event? It just takes an idea, a little legwork, and getting the word out. Here's what to do. the right page reads: Find a place! potential free spaces: a library with reservable rooms, open space in a park, coffee shop back room, your religious building. For $$, consider renting a shelter at a public park to hold your event rain or shine the left page of a zine reads: Pick a date & time! Think about other events that may conflict for your community - major sports events, nonprofit-sponsored events, religious services, etc. Check community calendars & browse facebook events. Also consider availability of your chosen space. The right page reads: Make graphics & flyers! canva.com is great for social media graphics. It can do flyers too but the layout can be finicky for PDF export. Google docs/libre office works, too! Include: date/time, location, what it is, who's invited, accessibility info (stairs? parking? bathrooms?) your contact info (I use my twitter/insta handles) The left page of a zine reads: Spread the word! Make a list of all the places you want to hang flyers so you know how many to print. (No printer? Try an office supply or shipping store, or the library.) Post here: instagram, twitter, FB, community discords, local events calendar. Flyers here: coffee shops, bookstores, library, grocery co-op, cool indie hang-outs. The right reads: Day-Of Ideas. Ask friends excited about your event for help w/ specific tasks. Consider collecting emails if you think you might host again, or point people to a dedicated social account where you'll post the next one. Greet people, point out bathrooms. Putt out water/snacks/zines if you've got em. Thank people for coming. Try to stay calm & welcoming. It doesn't have to be perfect. the back of a zine, it reads: Kinds of Events You Can Host: book discussion, crafts or writers' group, potluck and/or picnic, board game time, workshop on a subject you know a lot about, fundraiser for a worthy cause, meeting to plan advocacy on a local issue, anything you want!

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