Sometimes people with a body type similar to mine want to wear a suit to some fancy event, and don't know where to shop. They may be looking for a more masculine or androgynous look, or they may just want something that fits a body with hips/butt/boobs nicely and shows their curves. (Can't relate, but I degress.)

Here are a few links I've bookmarked over the years where such folk can find suits.

  • Little Black Tux "Tuxedos suits designed for women & non-binary shoppers". Leans a little more femme. Size chart goes up to a 55" bust, 50" waist, 57" hips.

  • Eloquii is a plus-sized focused site that has all kinds of clothes and, for our purposes, a suiting section with some nice looking blazers one might wear to work. Size chart starts at a 43" bust and goes up to a 66-69" bust.

  • J Crew and J Crew Factory both have some options, the former much more expensive. Size chart indicates a 31"-53.5" bust range.

  • Kirrin Finch, specialized in non-binary and androgynous wear. More expensive but so high quality and gorgeous fits & fabrics. They have dress shirts I'd love to try some day. Chest size 33"-51.5" on some styles; new linen suit jackets go up to a 55"-58".

  • Wildfang has some suits that are very gender. Sizing is 32" to 57-61" chest, 25"-54" waist. Tall sizes available from 35" to 49" chest, 28-42" waist.

  • Universal Standard has a nice workwear collection. Sizing goes from a 32"-75" bust, 24"-70" waist.

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