Two mugs, one solid red and one solid blue

These are my old reliables. I believe they are both from Wal-Mart, and I got at least the first one for my college dorm. They are what I reach for most office if either one is clean... or even sometimes if they're not, just give them a good rinse and go again. I like the thick walls of the mug, and they're a good size: plenty big, but not unwieldy.

A cream colored mug with blue cat face line drawings printed all over the body. The handle is a pale blue. The inside of the mug in the previous image. It has a cat face printed on the bottom of the mug

This mug is another favorite. It was gifted to me as a surprise by a product manager at a company I worked for, after a hard project we worked on together. I'm not usually a "cover all my stuff in cat iconography" person, but I do really like this mug. It's tasteful cat-lady. I can get behind that.

A mug printed with a black & white outline of two fish stacked facing left, which is the Glitch logo

This logo I got from my time working at Glitch. It's a bit bigger than the others, and has nice thick walls like the red & blue ones. It feels sturdy.

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Zach LeBar Zach LeBar

@cassey this is a fun blog post idea! Thanks for sharing. Here's my contribution: My Favorite Mugs – Roving Thoughts source


@cassey those are some fine mugs ! source

Łukasz Wójcik ????‍???? ???? Łukasz Wójcik ????‍???? ????

@cassey that last one looks fishy. (yeah I'll show myself the door) source

Michael Michael

@cassey Cat mug is [chef kiss]. source

benji benji

@cassey I loved this idea so I figured I'd also post my favorite mugs: My Favorite Mugs source

Cassey Lottman Cassey Lottman

@zachlebar ooh the homemade cup is gorgeous! who said the blogosphere is dead :D source

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