I made a zine about e-bikes. Here it is.

You can download a PDF of this zine and fold it. Print as many as you want & do what you want with them, but please don't take my name off the front.

the front of a small zine on white paper, which reads 'Does that thing have a battery on it? Questions about e-bikes, by Cassey Lottman the left page of a zine reads: How does it work? Most e-bikes use what's called 'pedal assist'- you pedal, and the motor makes you go further & faster. Some e-bikes have a throttle which moves the bike without pedaling at all. There are different levels of pedal assist, from none to 'really flying!'. the right page reads: How far can you go? Manufacturers generally promise a range of 25-45 miles on a single charge, with some specialty bikes claiming 80 or even 100 miles! Actual range has many factors, including how much you use the throttle, the pedal assist level, the rider's weight and even the wind and incline on the route. Some people carry an extra battery to swap in for longer rides. the left page of a zine reads: How long does it take to charge? 4-6 hours from empty! Will my regular bike shop work on it? It depends! Many shops will be happy to work on the non-electric parts of the bike, like the chain and tires. Others will even replace electrical components if necessary- more likely if they sell that brand of bike. Call your shop & ask! The right page reads: How fast does it go? There are 3 classes of e-bikes sold in the US. Class 1: no throttle, pedal assist to 20 mph. Class 2: has throttle, pedal assist to 20 mph. Class 3: no throttle, but pedal assist to 28 mph The left page of a zine reads: Can it really replace a car? It can! Consider a cargo bike, which are available in two styles. Bakfiets have a bucket or cargo platform up front. They're especially popular in the Netherlands. The right reads: Longtail cargo bikes have an extra long rack at the rear. You can fit so many groceries on them, or up to two small children or even one bigger kid! Longtail cargo bikes are more common in the US than bakfiets. the back of a zine, it reads: Isn't it cheating? Says who?? E-bikes expand possibilities- for people with limited mobility, with heavy kids to haul, and to travel by bike farther distances even on days when you're feeling kind of tired. Few folks question making short trips or grocery runs with a car. Biking can be just as convenient. E-bikes are the future, e-bikes for the future.

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