I made a zine on the importance of community. Here it is.

You can download a PDF of this zine and fold it. Print as many as you want & do what you want with them, but please don't take my name off the front.

the front of a small zine on white paper, which reads 'Choose Community: a manifesto for  saving the world' the left page of a zine reads: Hello my friend. Have a seat. Can I offer you a drink? It may not seem like much, but it is what I have to offer. the right page reads: I've been lonely, you see, and I've been scared. There is so much to grieve. Sometimes it feels like it's not safe to be together and sometimes it's because that's true. the left page of a zine reads: there are so many hard truths that so many of us are waking up to. Truths that so many others have known in ttheir bones, that their ancestors knew. Many of us have not had the luxury of ignoring injustice. Fewer of us every day can ignore it. The right page reads: Let this radicalize you rather than lead you to despair. -Mariame Kaba The left page of a zine reads: I am seeing the wisdom in things I once doubted, and the folly in things I once felt sure of. One thing I know for sure: we cannot solve the many problems we face as individuals. Systemic problems call for systemic action. We need each other, in ways big and small. The right reads: We are stronger together. We are capable of radical love. Isolated acts will not save us. Community will. the back of a zine, it reads: Say yes to that invitation you always say no to. Start a book club. Talk about hard things with strangers. Keep showing up for one another. Roll that boulder on up the hill, one more time, together

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