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A word that has felt particularly resonant for me lately is "abundance", and particularly, the practice of cultivating a mindset that seeks abundance rather than clings to scarcity. It's not necessarily about the physical amount of whatever; it's about feeling a sense of "enoughness" with whatever you find yourself to have.

Maybe you're having a picnic, and the sandwiches got left at home, but your friend brought a cake. Scarcity would say "woe is us, we have no sandwiches, the picnic is ruined." Abundance says "I am so glad my friend brought a cake, and what a delicious cake it is."

Obviously, it is easier to feel abundance in situations where your most basic or important needs are being met fully. I am not asking people who are not getting enough to eat day-to-day, or who are struggling to survive, to stop demanding enough to eat or conditions under which they could more easily thrive.

However, I think it is useful, especially for those of us who are having our basic needs met, to embrace the knowledge that we may truly already have enough in many situations, and fight the capitalist urge to seek more, more, more.

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