I wanted a simple UI library for making a simple page with a simple form prettier. So I tried out Bulma! My take is that in my quick usage/perusal of the docs, it seems awful for accessibility and not great for developer experience, either.

It's also a library that relies on Sass, and my project only used Handlebars and Express/Node. So I had to figure out how to compile Sass and serve it from a Node project. I thought about adding a bundler to my project, but since it was already working just fine with Handlebars and simple templating, that felt like too much overhead. I found a starter app called Example-Scss on Glitch where I was able to get the gist of what I needed to add to my server.js file to make it work.

var sassMiddleware = require("node-sass-middleware");

  src: __dirname + '/sass',
  dest: '/public'

Since I was already serving the public directory using express.static, that's all I needed to do!

I did have some accessibility concerns with Bulma while using it on my simple form.

  • none of the form examples show an example of how you’d use a label with it, only placeholder text. Labels are non-negotiable when it comes to making an accessible form (placeholders aren't read by many screenreader/browser combinations), so they should have first-class support in a CSS library's form controls section.
  • all of the buttons listed on the button documentation page are actually anchor tags styled to look like buttons, which is sometimes appropriate but definitely not always. For accessibility, you should choose the right tool for the job. See my post on the differences.

Also, the CSS for almost everything is applied by wrapping the element you actually want in a div and putting a class on that div, which feels super messy