If you are creating a project on Glitch intended for other people to use, sometimes you might want to include a reference to the name of the current remix in your project.

For example, this project is called . (It's not hard-coded - go check the source for this page to see!)

# Where did the value come from?

Node has a built-in environment variable system that you can access on the server-side using process.env.VARIABLE_NAME. In Glitch, you can set your own environment variables using the .env file in your project. (No one can see your .env values except members of your project, by default.) Glitch also gives you some built-in environment variables.

One of those built-in variables is PROJECT_DOMAIN and one is PROJECT_NAME. PROJECT_NAME is around for legacy reasons, and you should prefer using PROJECT_DOMAIN.

# How does my HTML know?

I'm using Eleventy to build this site, so my process for getting a variable to the server was particular to Eleventy sites. Depending on how your site renders HTML via a server, you will probably use a slightly different process. See my write-up on how I did it in Eleventy.

# I love built-in environment variables, what other ones exist??

See what other environment variables are available by default in a Glitch project.

See even more by running printenv in the Glitch console - some of these are Node defaults, not Glitch defaults.