Following this tutorial:

  1. Create a PCL Cross Platform Forms app

  2. Remove the Xamarin.Forms nuget package from the platform-specific csproj.

  3. In Nuget Package Manager settings, select "Allow format selection of first package install"

  4. In the platform-specific csproj, add back the Xamarin.Forms Nuget package. Select "Package Reference" as the format.

    • Xamarin.Forms should now be listed in the References list under your project, with the Nuget icon.
  5. Replace the csproj of the PCL with this:

	<Project Sdk="Microsoft.NET.Sdk">

        <!-- Allows getting nuget packages that don't explicitly set netstandard version -->


	    <Compile Update="**\*.xaml.cs" DependentUpon="%(Filename)" />
	    <EmbeddedResource Include="**\*.xaml" SubType="Designer" Generator="MSBuild:UpdateDesignTimeXaml" />    
  1. Delete AssemblyInfo from the PCL (now .NET Standard) project. These properties are generated by Visual Studio now and it will result in duplicates if you don't.