A short(ish) list of queer books I've read & enjoyed over the last couple years. None of these are affiliate links. (read: I'm not making money on this)

# Fiction

  • Detransition, Baby is so, so good. A detransitioned person knocks up their cis straight boss, and proposes that they raise the baby together (all 3) with their ex-girlfriend, a trans woman desperate to become a mother.
  • A Lady for a Duke by Alexis Hall is a wonderful historical romance set in what I believe is Regency England. The protagonist was assumed dead in a war and used the opportunity to return to society as the woman she'd always known she was. But her dear friend the duke is so sad about losing his friend. A meddling sister-in-law brings the two back together and romance ensues.
  • Honey Girl is a fun romance with a nonwhite main character trying to figure out her life after finally graduating with her PhD.
  • Cemetery Boys is about a trans Latinx teenager who summons a ghost, it's YA and really nice.
  • Red, White, and Royal Blue is a fun M/M romance; the biracial son of the divorced first woman president of the US falls for the British queen's grandson. Especially good if you're into politics at all.
  • One Last Stop is from the same author as the Red White & Royal Blue but it's pretty different - a woman falls in love with a woman she meets on the subway; time travel is involved.
  • Outlawed by Anna North and Upright Women Wanted by Sarah Gailey are both feminist, queer-adjacent westerns - UWW has a more explicitly queer main character but I think I preferred Outlawed. Both fun, though.
  • This is How You Lose the Time War is lyrical and beautiful. Time traveling spies on opposite sides of a war fall in love via letters left on the battlefield.
  • Payback's a Witch is a W/W romance where the main character returns to her magical hometown where she is part of a longstanding magical family, where she must officiate a high stakes competition where one of the competitors is her ex boyfriend she's ready to get revenge on.
  • A Psalm for the Wild Built in which a a non-binary monk explores the meaning of life in a post-scarcity society. A short read in an immersive, peaceful word.
  • Ancillary Justice is a book about a robot/human construct person (or non-person, depending on who you ask), who is seeking possible revenge. Along the way, said person/non-person gets confused about human conceptions of gender a lot. It's fun.

# Nonfiction

# Baby/Kids Books

There's some really cute baby books with cool representations of different kinds of families or people in them. Here's some I like:

  • Love Makes a Family is one of my favorites.
  • Families Can and Families Belong are two books from the same illustrator; they're lovely.
  • It Feels Good To Be Yourself is really great for older (elementary aged maybe) kids. I gifted it to a family member to help her explain transness and non-binary-ness to her kids.
  • Bodies Are Cool is on my wishlist for my baby's collection. It highlights all the different kinds of bodies that are out there: different skin tones, shapes, hair types, etc.

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