• these burp cloths are great, get a ton.
  • Skip Hop Baby Activity Center table is life, once baby has some head and neck control. We also used a baby swing and a Baby Bjorn bouncer a lot in the earlier days.
  • The Table Topics Couples card deck is so good for my relationship - when you're tired and just have a million tasks on your mind, it makes it easier to still have interesting conversations with your partner that aren't just about the baby.
  • structured baby carrier - I love my Happy Baby Carrier (original) for the aesthetic, but it's not the most ergonomic. It is easy to stuff into a diaper bag, though. Having both parents (very different body sizes) share the Ergobaby Omni 360 wasn't as annoying as I thought it would be to switch wearers; really we could have just had that one and a wrap and been fine.
  • A soft stretchy wrap for newborn stage is so cuddly and nice. I had a Solly; there's lots of other good options. It wasn't as hard to learn to tie as I feared (practice with a stuffed animal a few times). Now that my baby's a bit older, I'm having fun with a Didymos woven wrap; it also wasn't as hard to learn a basic carry as I thought it'd be. I'm still working my way up to back carrying with it, though.
  • we thought we'd be fine with a regular plastic trash can with a lid for diapers; we were very wrong and now have a metal Ubbi one.
  • I liked my nursing bras from Kindred Bravely. I didn't like or really wear any of the specialized nursing-friendly clothing I bought, except for a couple dresses I got (probably at Seraphine, if I'm remembering right). I just pulled up my regular tee shirts for feeding and it was fine, even in public.
  • These reusable breast pads are soft; I also recommend getting a ton of them.
  • For pumped milk, the Kiinde Twist bags with twist-on lids are really handy.
  • I had an Elvie Stride pump. I liked it because it was portable, but it was also finicky - sometimes it would be slightly misconfigured in some way and wouldn't collect any milk despite using it for a full pumping session. I'm still a bit miffed by that. If I was had to pump regularly rather than just occasionally, I'd have wanted something else, but it worked.

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