This entire post is a spoiler for the Bottomline Corp quest in Spiritfarer

I'm playing Spiritfarer, and I got a cryptic note about a strike from workers at Bottomline Corp. So I went there, and found: yes, workers on strike! I talked to the leader of the protest, a spirit standing on a box. Okay.. what next?

The door to go inside a building was locked; I could not find a key. I couldn't find the CEO anywhere, to talk to him about the strike.

I looked online for answers. The Spiritfarer wiki page for this island just said this:

The spirit standing on top of the Raccoon Inc. shop will sell Stella the key to the CEO's office for 100 Glim. After unlocking his office, the CEO will reward Stella 1000 Glim.

But.. there is no spirit standing on top of the Raccoon Inc. shop, in the screens I'm looking at. I talk to all the spirits I can find; no one will give me a key.

I look on reddit; commenters there insist that the CEO is "all the way up on the left most side." What? I can't get any higher than I already am. I can't get on top of the shipping containers, for example. But! It's possible.

When double jupming, you can't get as high if you try to jump straight up. To get on top of the shipping containers, double jump while jumping diagonally to the left or right and up. Then you can get on the shipping containers. From the top of the second level of shipping containers, you'll be able to jump on a platform that contains a ladder to the CEO's office. Talk to him through the window; you'll need to go up and down a few times to negotiate for the workers.

Once the CEO accepts the workers' demands, the CEO will ask you to help free him from his office. For me at least, there is still no spirit directly above the Raccoon Inc. shop, like the wiki said. Instead, I found a spirit at the far right end of the platform that Racoon Inc's shop is sitting on, and they sold me the key for 100 Glim.

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