Did you know 15% of all crashes between a car and a bike in Lincoln are classified by LPD hit & runs? And that 31% of bicyclists injured in Lincoln are children? 94% of cyclists who are hit are injured. That's in Lincoln, specifically. Sources

Last week we saw a pretty horrific video of a driver in Lincoln hitting a child on a bicycle, backing up and then dragging the child under the vehicle for 25 feet before driving off. The responding officer received cell-phone video the day it happened, which wasn't processed or released by LPD for nearly a month.

The officer who responded to this incredibly dangerous offense has responded to 9 bike-car crashes, and has never once ticketed a driver for failing to respect the right of the way of the person on a bike. Did bias cause a delay in processing and prioritization, meaning this clearly dangerous driver will likely stay on the streets unpunished?

Credit to Chris St. Pierre, in his replies to this tweet from LPD, for these stats & questions.