1. July 27 Roundup streets housing
  2. July 19 Newsletter streets housing
  3. I read (some of) NIFA's '2019 Profile of Nebraska'. Here's what I learned. housing justice
  4. Thoughts on The Commons LNK and 'Transformations' justice
  5. Driver Hits Person on Bike, Driver Drives Away, Nothing Happens streets justice
  6. Great Housing Reads housing justice
  7. Glitch App to Glitch Project Extension code
  8. Liberals vs. Leftists philosophy
  9. Favorite Non-Meat Recipes food
  10. #SheCoded on code current-events
  11. Favorite Resources for Learning French france education
  12. Sharing Experiences and Building Community Online relationships
  13. Screenreader Practice code accessibility
  14. Accessibility Testing/Coding Resources code accessibility
  15. How Crisis Text Line Helps Those In Crisis relationships
  16. A Tribute to Friendship with Dan Owens relationships
  17. Moral Foundations Matter current-events philosophy
  18. Useful Textbooks from a Computer Science Degree code code for non-coders education
  19. Theme Generators for Android code
  20. I saw democracy and it was beautiful. current-events
  21. What's the Deal with #BlackLivesMatter? racism current-events
  22. Two Months of Mobile UX: Just Don't.
  23. Easy Vegetarian Lunches food
  24. Internal Tools are the Worst code
  25. Are liberal students really what professors should be afraid of?
  26. All kinds of people help make the corporate world go 'round business
  27. Freemium for [Digital] Print Journalism business
  28. Startup Weekend Nebraska: Serious about being safe & inclusive business code education relationships
  29. Multiagent Systems - The most interesting field you've never heard of code Raikes
  30. You Don't Have to be a Genius to Make the Web Better
  31. Pourquoi l'attentat de Charlie Hebdo met en émoi la France toute entière france racism current-events
  32. Why the Charlie Hebdo Attack is So Devastaing current-events france racism
  33. Can remote work save small town America?
  34. Pretty Scroll Animations - How do they do that? code code for non-coders
  35. It's a Unix system, I know this!
  36. Corporate Finance in a Half-Digital Classroom business education Raikes
  37. Raikes Cohort Christmas Raikes
  38. Why try an hour of code? code for non-coders